Telcodata News:

I worked the last two weeks coding up fixes for the API to allow for authentication,and to allow tons of different payment methods and FINALLY an auto-pay solution that people could trust (myself included) to work that didn't expand my PCI footprint and allowed me to use the enhanced features of Stripe's RADAR anti-fraud service.
These issues are now addressed!
  • API Queries now accept an API key. This requires an active account, and all accounts have an API key. The API key can be regenerated, and if you currently have code accessing it that's hard to edit, email me the IP address you're querying from and I'll link that IP to your current API key.
  • Autopay is now available. Your account must be expired or within 3 days of expiry to subscribe.
  • To cancel autopay, or remove your payment details from Stripe, you can do so from your logged in menu
  • International payments and alternative payment methods including ACH and CashApp and Apple Pay are now available!
  • Note that bank transfers will NOT credit your account until the payment settles at Stripe, which may take 3-5 days. (oh, is that why you say within 3 days of expiry? lol yes.)
  • For convenience I accept Link to recall stored payment methods across the web. Stripe makes that annoying at first if they recognize you through link, though you can turn it off (I've tested this)
  • If you have any problems with payment please let me know! I've done some thorough tests of the stripe webhooks but if one is missed or mis-parsed, I can fix it!
  • I've also made a few behind-the-scenes tweaks that nobody will notice or care about, but while I've been messing with stuff the site has had some errors. Sorry!
    (All developers have a test environment, some are lucky enough to have a separate production environment)
    (that ain't me)

  • Major OS updates break things -> Only perform minor ones -> oh no! I'm no longer under LTS, better do a major update! -> Major OS update breaks things -> Only perform minor ones -> Oh no! I'm no longer under LTS! Better do a major update!......

    Newer servers were given to me by a supporter. Performance should have substantially increased over the last few months. Still here, still churning out data a few times a week!

    Starting tonight, the NANPA and National Pooling Administrators begin the changeover process from Neustar to Somos. As a result, I have disabled all automatic site updates to prevent data corruption. It is estimated to take until Monday, December 17th. At that time I will examine the URLs I pull data from, ensure nothing has changed, and run the updates by hand through the end of the year. These may occur less frequently than the usual 3 days a week as a result.
    Note that the industry notification interval is typically between 20 business days, ranging out to 90 for various types of allocations, so you won't be missing anything time-sensitive (the allocations made yesterday, for example won't take effect until mid January).

    Not a lot has been going on in the wild world of telecom numbering. Well, maybe that's an understatement, as the NPAC has been moved to my favorite company (hah!) Iconnectiv (for background, they have sent me numerous silly legal letters over the years, asserting ownership of various parts of the nation's routing data). That being said it's a vastly improved system over the old Neustar stuff, and they're to be credited for a well managed rollout that barely anyone noticed.
    Otherwise, the site is still being updated several times a week, and despite some hardware failures and physical issues has been chugging along. I may look at additional services when I buy new server hardware in the next year, but for now I'm still just monitoring my inbox and keeping the servers fed and happy. Thank you for your support!

    Hi, everyone. I wanted to post a quick note as to what SOPA means to you. By now, you've no doubt heard of it. You may be thinking "Hey, here's a guy who sells data, he must appreciate SOPA more than anyone." As a copyright holder, I want to state emphatically that this is NOT my position on the matter. I am a signatory to the EFF open letter regarding SOPA and PIPA. Furthermore, you need to know THIS AFFECTS YOU. If you like this site, you should know that it is regularly subject to legal threats. Such as this one. Any competent judge would toss this out of court so fast it would enter geosyncronous orbit. But SOPA/PIPA do not contain a step allowing for due process!. This outrageous law would allow for my domain name to be hijacked, and redirected, without a court hearing. So a claim as nebulous as the one telcordia made could take this site offline. And I hate to admit, but $5/mo does not make me awash in cash to fight this. Join hands with me to fight this now, or start creating a legal fund for me right now, so I may fight the inevitable. This site has done to Telcordia what equal access and divestiture did to AT&T. They do not appreciate my existence, and while they have done nothing but send me threatening letters for the last decade, that could always change, especially if you make it easy to make my life miserable. Please fight SOPA/PIPA!

    We have released an app into the Android Market called "Who was that?". It's a simple app to find ratecenter, state and carrier from your handset. You can get it by scanning the QR code in the corner of the site, or by hitting that link there with your android's web browser. iPhone/iPad app will hopefully follow in the next few weeks. HP WebOS version is pending approval in their App store. A more advanced one is planned to let people submit photographs of COs directly from their handsets, and other neat features. Outside only, of course. I don't want anyone having to answer Yes on question 3 of the 30101 form on my account!

    Always call 8-1-1 3 days before you dig. The money and/or life you save may be your own.

    Adam from Revolutionary Solutions, LLC has re-written TelcoData in a pure mod_perl module. This should give a much needed speed improvement overall, something that's been needed for a while. If you have any issues, problems or dead links, please e-mail us at

    We've just upgraded to Debian Lenny (from Etch) and Apache 2.2 instead of 1.3. IPv6 support is complete as of that upgrade, and I'm hoping mod_perl has a bit more performance. If something's not working right please email Thanks!

    Now you can design your applications that require geospatial telecom data. (Sorry, no outlines of ratecenter/wirecenters are available, or planned for labor reasons)

    We have a solution. See the post on this issue in the status weblog.

    It's redesigned to look better and be easier to use, same great data beneath the hood. Please report problems to Thanks!